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The Policies of Caka Salt Lake Scenic Area’s Ticket’s Discounts

50% Discounts of Tickets Policies

1.Minors under 18 years old (with valid certificates);

2.Children between 1.2m and 1.4m (incl. 1.4m);

3.50% discount  for full-time undergraduate students with valid student ID Card;

4.Teenagers need to show their ID card or student card and other valid documents when they buy tickets to enter the park. Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Teenagers tourists from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, can go through the formalities of buying tickets and entering the park and enjoy the preferential price of tickets with valid identity certificates such as "Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents", "Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents" or student certificate.

5.50% discount  for senior citizens (aged 60 to 69) with valid certificates and the physically challenged people with Disability Card (with ID cards and Grade V-X disability certificates issued by the Disability Federation);

6.Residents with valid certificates of Haixi Prefecture of Qinghai Province (with ID cards);

7.The teachers who meet the ticket’s discounts policies can enjoy the 50% discounts policies of tickets with their ID cards, teacher qualification certificates and relevant honorary certificates;

8.Five Star Civilized Households in Wulan County (with preferential certificate, ID card and household register);

9.Chinese students who study abroad (with ID card and student I.D.) ;

10.Foreign students studying in China (with Passports and student I.D.);

Free Tickets Policies

1.Free admission for children under 1.2m (incl.2m);

2.Over 70 years old (incl.70 years old, with personal valid certificate);

3.Active military soldier(with officer certificate, soldier certificate and support card);

4.Retired cadres of the armed forces (with certificates of retirement issued by the armed forces);

5.Physically challenged soldiers (with the physically challenged soldierscertificate issued by the military or the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China);

6.Physically challenged persons (with their own ID card and the level I-IVPhysically Challenged Card issued by the Physically Challenged Federation);

7.People who hold traditional religious activities in the scenic area(with ID card and other documents and need to go through registration procedures);

Related Policy:

According to the document of Wulan County Tourism Bureau on free access to Caka Salt Lake scenic area for some religious people, in order to facilitate the people around the lake area to carry out folk activities such as sacrifice and burning mulberry, the Mongolian and Tibetan people in the Caka area enter the scenic area for free with their ID card (only once a day for each person); the Mongolia people in Haixi Prefecture enter the scenic area for free with their ID card (only once a day for each person).

8.Zhejiang tourists (withID card or household register of Zhejiang Province)

Related Policy:

According to the notice and requirements of the people's Government of Haixi Prefecture on the distribution of responsibilities for the work of the 2017 government work report (Xizheng ban [2017] No. 22), the following information is available on the implementation of the free ticket discounts policy for the paid tourist attractions in Haixi Prefecture. Please implement it according to the actual situation:

9.Free ticket discounts policy is implemented for children, students, seniorsand the physical challenged persons of Haixi in the state's tourist attractions;

The free ticket policy for Zhejiang’stourists is implemented in all paid tourist attractions in the state;

"Five star civilization demonstration household" in Wulan County (with preferential certificate, ID card and household register);

Related Policy:

According to the notice of Wulan County spiritual civilization construction Steering Committee (Wu Wenming Committee [2018] No. 5) and Article 7, paragraph 3, of the Incentive Measures for "Five Star Civilized Households” Provisional, Wulan County "five star civilized demonstration households" can enjoy the preferential policies of "five star civilized households" in addition to enjoying the preferential conditions of "five star civilized households" within the time limit of the preferential certificate by virtue of the preferential certificate, ID card and household register enjoy the discount of free tickets for scenic spots in the county.

10.National police (with their own "police card" and ID card)

Related Policy:

According to the notice, which issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Department of Finance, the Department of Culture and Tourism, the Market Supervision Bureau and the Department of Public Security, all scenic areas or spots are opened free to the National police from January 1st, 2020. The National Police can enjoy the free policy of scenic tickets in Qinghai with their “police card” and ID card.