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The Sacrifice Ceremony for the Caka Salt Lake

In ancient times, the Caka area’s full of gold and silver jewelry, and mountain’s devil fight for treasure, resulting in the Caka area years of war, the people suffering. One day, the Queen Mother of the West passed by here and sadly shed tears, in order to save the suffering of the people, the Queen Mother of the West ordered the god who is in charge of water force put down the flood to the treasure, and sent to 1000 fairies guard this lake day and night, waiting for the day that treasure in lake make people’s happiness.

Many years later, the Caka area is still suffering many disasters, and herdsmen live a life of hunger and cold. One day, a Living Buddha passed by here. A shepherd asked him about the way to happiness. The Living Buddha told him: "there are 1000 fairies living in this salt lake. They can bring you lucky and happiness." Than, the shepherds often come to the salt lake with their own green clothes and butter to worship and pray, and finally touch the fairies here to live a happy life. So on the 15th day of the fifth lunar month every year, herdsmen with hundreds of miles around hold a lake sacrifice ceremony here with pine and cypress, butter, hada, qingbare and wine. After that, there will be horse racing, archery, wrestling and other entertainment competitions with national characteristics.This mysterious custom has continued to this day.