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The Ceremony of Sacrifice Caka Salt Lake

The flash of wisdom and cultural accumulation of early human beings are closely related to the development of salt culture. Myths, legends, literature and art related to the development of salt and its industry constitute the evolution track and inheritance route of salt’s culture. Salt developed many mysterious and wonderful legends, bearing the good spiritual sustenance of human beings.

According to legend, in ancient times, gold and jewelry were everywhere in the Caka Area. In order to fight for treasure, the mountain gods and monsters caused years of war in the Caka Area, and the people were falling into suffering. One day, the Queen of the West Kingdom passed and saw those people and wept sadly. In order to save the people in distress, Caka Salt Lake could not become a powerful private affair, but could benefit more people. So, the Queen ordered the God of Water to put the treasure into the lake water, and sent 1000 fairies to watch it day and night, waiting for the day when the salt lake benefits mankind.

Many years later, the Caka Area is still suffering many disasters, and local herdsmen live a life of hunger and cold. One day, a famous Lama Buddha passed by here, and the shepherd asked him about the way to happiness. The Lama Buddha told him: "there are 1000 goddesses living in the salt lake. They can bring you good luck and happiness." So every year on the 15th of May in the Lunar Calendar, an auspicious day, Mongolian herdsmen with a radius of 100km will hold a lake sacrifice ceremony here with pines, butter, Hada, highland barley, white wine and Longda and Dairi. After that, they will have horse racing, archery, wrestling and other entertainment competitions with national characteristics.

This mysterious custom has continued to this day. Under the protection of the Caka Salt Lake, her people have been living a peaceful life.