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The Mirror of Blue Sky, The Beautiful Scenery of Time and Space

Caka Salt Lake is like a beautiful young girl, pure and beautiful. On the shallow water in the distance, those beautiful girls rely on the distant mountains and the blue sky as the curtain and take the lake as the mirror to raise the scarfs in their hands. Their long skirts are gone with the wind and their smiles are like flowers. The reflections are also beautiful as their sisters, adding endless charm.

The Caka Salt Lake, known as the "mirror of the sky", seems to have magic to setting time. It has a deep blue sky and long white clouds, and can't find the edge of the world between dreams and illusions. Especially at night, it seems that you can touch the starry sky with your hands raised, and the stars are always shining with different colors, just like a plate of dazzling jewels scattered in the sky. As the stars fall on the salt lake, when the meteors cross the sky, you may fall in love with the night of Caka Salt Lake in this night.

This is a pure world, which is the opening of a new vision, as if the world is a great magician, so that you can meet yourself in the summer in the winter’s scene, as if you have the Doraemon’s time machine, making time and space change, making winter and summer interlaced.

The salt crystal is so white and pure under the sunshine. I knelt in the salt field holding the big or small white salt flower, the particles are big or small, and they are piled up in order, like a micro pyramid. Lift it up to the sun, and it reflects the beautiful light like crystal. These small salt crystals can form such large crystals that can't be copied with the passage of time. They were found out by the salt workers when they were collecting salt, and some small salt grains that haven't been removed were also stained, but they can't block its roundness and transparency. Some salt crystals contain black minerals, which make the salt crystals appear black and green. The famous name of green salt is attributed to this.

In this beautiful Salt Lake, there are rare small Railways (with a gauge of only 60cm) extending to the end of the lake. The small railways and old wooden electric poles used to be produce all add different scenery to the lake. Take the small train to the lake center, along the way, you can enjoy the clear blue sky and the pure white salt lake. This is also a beautiful scenery between real and illusory with a small train. Take it, you can feel your deep dream in destination.

Standing in Caka Salt Lake and looking at the magnificent scenery, your mood is already changed. Lake can contain all your feelings, you can forget those impetuosity experiences here. Be here, Now.

Be here, sit with time and sky, feel clear and peaceful.

Be here, listen the sound of nature, hear the yourself.

Come to Caka, meet the perfect you.