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Notice to Visitors

1、 Precautions

1. Peak season: May October; Off season: January April, November December.

2. Tourists from Zhejiang, children under 1.2m in height, the elderly over the age of 70, active servicemen, retired military cadres, disabled soldiers, disabled people, public security police, in-service, retired, disabled fire rescue personnel and students of fire rescue colleges and universities, etc. are free of admission to the scenic spot with relevant valid certificates.

3. Tourists aged 60 years (inclusive) - 69 years (inclusive), full-time ordinary college students with bachelor's degree or below, and enjoy half price treatment of tickets with personal valid certificates.

4. Please stay away from the Salt Lake Cave and be careful to fall in and cause scratches.

5. Please take good care of personal mobile phones, cameras and other valuables to avoid falling into the salt lake.

6. Please do not stand while the small train is running. It is strictly prohibited to extend your head and hands out of the carriage and open the door without permission.

7. Children under 1.2 in height do not occupy the seats of tour facilities alone.

8. The elderly and children should take the tour facilities accompanied by their guardians;

9. The plateau climate is sunny, the light is very strong, and the reflection of the lake surface, so it is necessary to prepare for sunscreen. It is recommended to bring a sun umbrella, apply sunscreen, and prepare sunglasses to protect your eyes;

10. The temperature difference between day and night in Qinghai is relatively large. Wear a coat and go out in the morning and evening. Use a big shawl (concave shape and cold proof need to be used) to keep warm;

11. The altitude of Chaka Salt Lake area is about 3000 meters. Avoid strenuous exercise to avoid altitude reaction;

12. As the salt layer is rough, to prevent foot injury, you must not go barefoot to the lake. You must wear the shoe covers rented by the scenic spot. Moreover, the sludge in the deep lake is deep, so it is not recommended to go too deep.

13. Rescue telephone of the scenic spot: 0977-8246699

2、 Scenic spot experience project

1. The full price of tickets is 60 yuan / person / time; Half price: 30 yuan / person / time;

2. Small train ticket: 50 yuan / person / time (one-way);

3. Yacht ticket: 90 yuan / person / time (one-way);

4. Sightseeing ticket: 5 yuan / person / time;

5. Sightseeing tower ticket: 20 yuan / person / time;

6. Parking lot: 10 yuan / vehicle / time;

7. Small item deposit:

Small pieces (55 * 40 * 25cm and below): 5 yuan / piece;

Medium piece (70 * 50 * 30cm and below): 10 yuan / piece;

Large pieces (more than 70 * 50 * 30cm): 15 yuan / piece;

8. Pet foster care: 60 yuan / PET.

Warm tip: all bills in Chaka Salt Lake scenic area are valid on the same day.