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Mobilephone Guide System Helps Create 5A Scenic Spot of Caka Salt Lake

Since June 22, in order to facilitate tourists to visit and navigate in Caka Salt Lake scenic area, to know the rich natural scenery, cultural history, convenient service facilities, scenic road, catering and shopping and other scenic spots and service points in Caka Salt Lake will be better displayed to tourists.

The Media Department of Intelligent Travel Company, combined with GPS positioning and Tencent platform, launched the "mobile guide system" on the smart phone terminal.

Visitors can focus on the official account in Wechat Platform, "Caka Salt Lake", and choose the "Automatic Guide" in the menu to enjoy the intelligent tour guide service in scenic area. The service includes the real time service function of the Caka, the real-time location of the tourist attractions, the road display and navigation service to the scenic spot, and the display of the service facilities in the scenic spot. All that service could enhance the tourist experience in the scenic spot.

The construction of Mobile Guide System can effectively improve the service of scenic spots to tourists, improve the service efficiency and tourists' satisfaction, and also lay a solid foundation for the scenic area to create a national 5A level scenic spot.