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Cultural Museum Unveils the Cultural History of Caka Salt Lake

Caka Salt Lake is an important point on the Ancient Silk Road, and one of the important parts of the strategic layout of the Innovation Zone for the inheritance of Chinese civilization. In the integration and development of Chinese culture for thousands of years, it has left precious cultural heritage to Qinghai. The cultural heritage is deep and the cultural content is unique. Therefore, the opening of Caka Salt Lake Culture Museum will directly highlight the salt culture attribute of Caka Area.

As one of the important bases to show the deep integration of salt industry, the functions and tasks undertaken by the museum will be comprehensive and arduous. It is not only the birthplace of Caka Salt Culture in the future, but also the window and bridge to show salt culture industry. In the design, multiple factors such as exhibition, publicity, communication, promotion and experience should be considered. Only by making tourists relatively comprehensive in this aspect In order to solve the bottleneck of seizing the opportunity and promoting the development of culture, we can experience the deep integration of Green Salt culture and tourism on the stage. According to the overall concept of "bright and simple, easy to understand, and complete culture", closely combined with the functions of each exhibition area, we designed a reasonable layout and deep-seated exhibition decoration scheme, striving to make people resonate with the design concept of salt culture museum in mind.

The central hall and the hall of cultural center mainly highlight the theme of "Caka Salt Lake has scenery to see, culture to tell and stories to listen to". It is the key area of the cultural center, which mainly displays the unique tourism culture highlights of Caka Salt Lake, so that the masses can feel the profound historical and cultural influence of salt and the unique cultural charm as soon as you enter the cultural center. In the middle of the hall surrounded by white marble walls, there are the four oldest pieces of Caka Salt digger, which seems to have been showing people the crystallization of the hardships and wisdom of the ancient salt digger. The ceiling of the hall is from the top space of the entrance of the main entrance, and the starry sky composed of countless stars just confirms that Caka Salt Lake is one of the most beautiful tourist destination places with starry sky.

As the carrier of the promotion of Caka Salt Lake Culture, the Salt Culture Museum allows tourists to experience the Caka Salt Lake Culture in order to better promote the Caka Salt Lake culture. Relying on the contents of the original salt culture museum, the exhibition contents of the salt culture museum are enriched by adding historical documents, restoring salt workers' life and supplementing the causes of salt.  

At the same time, tourists can feel the unique charm of Caka Salt Lake Culture.