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Line 2:
Cruise ship and train package tickets for about/2 hours

Ⅱ. Route 2: Both by Train and Yacht

Travel time: 2 hours

Amenities: Ticket, Sightseeing yacht, Small train, Shoe covers, Sightseeing tower, Sightseeing car

Sightseeing Tower: After ticket checking and a 50-meter walk, you arrive at the Hostel Sightseeing Car Center. There you can take a sightseeing car to the sightseeing Yacht Pier, and then go to the center of the lake by yacht. You can get shoe covers from the shoe covers rental office after off board. Then you can go into the center of the lake at the "Love" Platform or the Qianying Muxue Sightseeing Platform, and take pictures and experience the real “Mirror of Sky”. The shoe covers should be returned when the tour is finished. You can take trains at the Sky-mirror & Blue Water Station or the Tianji Xinyue Station for getting back and take off at the Mirror of the Sky Station. Then you can visit the attractions such as Mirror of Sky Square, Prayer Square, Lake-worshiping Oboo and walk to the areas of Salt Sculptures in Caka Salt Lake to view the famous salt sculptures, such as the Salt Sculpture of Genghis Khan, the Salt Sculpture of Meeting at Jade Lake and so on. You can go to the exit by sightseeing car and then end the tour perfectly.