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Meeting in Mirror of Sky

After getting off the tourist train, we walked against the sunshine and breeze of 3059 meters on the plateau.

Along the clean red brick road, a large-scale "Longda" with blue, white, red, green and yellow color flags stands on the open space of the Caka Salt Lake. Jingfan is commonly known as "fengma banner" in Tibetan language as "Longda", which is also the most common scene in Tibetan areas of plateau. Among them, blue represents the sky, white represents the cloud, red represents the fire, green represents the water, yellow represents the earth, and every time the prayer flags printed with Sutra incantations swing in wind, it means that the Scriptures are recited to the heaven once. It's said that good luck will come to you when you see the flying prayer flags on the way and walk past them. I immediately press the mobile phone Photo button, and wish to be with the auspiciousness of the colorful prayer flags.

"A pillow beside the water, salt lake on both sides to the mountain". Although it's the first time to come to Caka Salt Lake, I've experienced her demeanor countless times in Du Niang's place, when she appeared in front of me like a small jasper girl, bright and clean, I was deeply moved by the quiet beauty called "virgin"!

In the north of the lake, the wind blows slightly, shaking out a net of ripples, like a coffee colored  full of the texture of milk silk. Like a dream, floating in the world of wave shaking. People walk by the salt lake like walking on the white sand beach in summer. However, the sound of "creak" and "creak" is made when they step on the hard salt body. It sounds like a large army trudging through the cold winter snow. There is really a feeling of "one stone arouses thousands of waves, and a hundred kinds of associations come to mind". Red umbrella, yellow beer chair, I can't help thinking during the rest, if it is to catch up with the dusk, the golden thread of the setting sun like rain pouring on the calm lake, the salt lake will be a modern girl, accompanied by the "autumn whispers" of Sax dancing, a gorgeous turn around, will be a cordial cocktail offer tourists.

The south of the lake is another scene. The lake is as calm as water. Although it is not as vast as the blue of Qinghai Lake, nor as green as the Yellow River, it has a quiet beauty. The clear peak shadow and reflected clouds connect with the sky and kiss with the water, like a huge landscape painting. We take photos in front of the curtain of nature, take photos, or run and jump with a silk on our head, or look out with our arms crossed. The salt lake has the most transparent image for us.

In the afternoon, the hot sun is in the sky, and the scorching sun is like fire. We're still in the mood. We're rolling up our pants and wrists and going down to the saltwater pool, so that our feet can fully enjoy the happiness brought by the salt bath! I feel that the soles of my feet are pricked, numb, and itchy. Every step, the salt at the bottom of the pool seems to be doing the most natural massage. Some people laugh, make noise, scream, and lift the water in the sun across, like colorful pearls, string up all the enthusiasm and unrestrained tourists. And I prefer to soak my feet in the warm salt pool, sit quietly beside the pool table, fully submerge my knees in

the salt water, stretch and breathe Look, the sky is so blue, the clouds are so white, and the tall salt sculptures are beside the calm lake. Everything is so gentle and peaceful. I seem to see the flowing air hovering between the water and the sky. When the breeze blows on my face, my heart will ripple in the long elegant rhyme

The sky! Why is a mirror? Where is the mirror? Let go of all the common thoughts and enjoy the coziness of the lake wind blowing on the cheek, and feel the flexibility of the pen and pulse of the lake water. In the closed eyes meditation, the sky seems to be far away and quiet. I hide the lake water in my eyes, and she is so holy. I hold the lake water in my heart, and she is so transparent. I put her back in my dream, and when I open her eyes, she is in front of me. I suddenly realized that she had always been around me, always with me. She was a mirror in my heart, reflecting the pure blue sky, the romantic floating white clouds, the green forest, the fire of passion, and the hard-working land. She is my five color prayer flags, the air, sunshine and living water in my life.

Chaka Salt Lake is a bright mirror embraced by nature. Thousands of years of cultivation have penetrated the holy soul between the heaven and the earth. In the mirror, outside the mirror, all the beautiful colors are dancing under the blue sky.