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Your Lonely Dream,Stranded in Caka’s Night

Everyone says

The starry sky at night is the most beautiful sky

Blue night and colorful dreams

Show you different splendor illusions

When the night is falling

When the stars are growing

The earth quietly melts into a warm night

And a gentle breeze

Under the stars

We are dancing and singing freely

The charming night sky is intoxicating

in the beautiful memories and infinite reverie

Night sky of Caka Salt Lake

Twinkling stars, charming night scene

In the dark blue sky

Stars are like diamonds

The vast night sky of Caka Salt Lake

It's like pearls

Inlaid under the sky, shining

Make you no longer lonely in the night sky of Caka Salt Lake

And the smell of brine in the air

It's so refreshing

Close your eyes

Listen to the sky

Free and imaginative

Let’s go of your dream

Fantasizing about the wonderful scene that never stops

I believe that the night sky of Caka Salt Lake will be stranded

Your dream of dancing alone

From the end of August to the middle of October, the Galaxy falls into the Caka Salt Lake at 36 ° 18 n. at this time, the Caka Salt Lake will usher in the best time to watch and photograph the starry sky. The vertical Milky Way seems to pour into the water from the sky, with perfect reflection in lake. Standing in Caka Salt Lake, it seems to be in the center of the whole universe.

The most beautiful night scene meets the best viewing time. Let's meet Caka Salt Lake and the spectacular night sky mirror under the golden autumn galaxy!

And Caka Salt Lake is also very beautiful in the daytime. Don't miss it. Here is a brief introduction to Caka Salt Lake, the most beautiful mirror of the sky in China!

Caka Salt Lake is located in Wulan County, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, 298 kilometers away from Xining. In 2016, it was rated as the advanced collective of the national tourism system by the National Tourism Administration, designated as the photography creation base by Qinghai Photographers Association and Beijing Photographers Association, and designated as the literature creation base by the Art Committee of China Culture Management Association and Qinghai Writers Association. The lake is like a mirror, reflecting the beautiful sky scenery. It is known as the "mirror of sky in China" in photography and tourism. In the world of salt, walking on the lake, such as walking in the fairyland of clouds and flying in the paradise of dreams, is rated as one of the "55 places to go in one's life" by national tourism geography, and one of the popular scenic spots in the Qinghai destination" by Ctrip Group.

How to arrived Caka Salt Lake?

In Boom Season, The tourist train directly to the entrance of the scenic spot: Y961 / 2 Xining-Caka tourist train, with a single fare of 62.5 yuan and a journey of about 4 hours. Qinghai Tibet Railway Company, according to the reality of the tourism peak season in Qinghai Province. The travel train starts from Xining Railway Station at 8:25 and arrives at Caka Railway Station at about 12:20. It returns from Caka Salt Lake Station at 17:00 and arrives at Xining at about 20:58. The “Sky Mirror” train makes the Caka Salt Lake tour more convenient and romantic. Along the way, you can also enjoy the lake scenery, wetland and flower sea of Qinghai Lake.

In case of self driving tour, start from Xining to drive the G6 highway in the west, to the direction of Gonghe, and then enter Gonghe-Caka high-way. It takes about 3.5 hours to reach Caka Salt Lake. The scenery along the road is also very beautiful. After passing the Sun and Moon Mountain and Daotang River, Gonghe Caka Salt Lake expressway is also the most beautiful road.

Shuttle Bus: There are 8-12 buses to Ulan County, Dulan county and Delingha every day in the bus station of the Xining Railway Station. They all pass Caka town on the way. The whole journey is about 4 hours and the fare is about ¥63. Four kilometers from Caka Town to Caka Salt Lake scenic area, ¥10-15 by taxi.